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Burdah means coat, can also be interpreted Shifa (healing). Imam Busyiri is a poet who likes to praise the kings to get money. Then he was stricken ill faalij (half-paralyzed) which does not go away despite seeing a doctor anywhere.
Shortly thereafter he met the Prophet Muhammad dream who ordered him to compose poems ang contain praise to Allah. So he made ​​up in 10 chapters Burdah 6-7 in H. After preparing Burdah, he again met the Prophet dream that enveloped the Burdah (coat). When awake, he healed from the pain he suffered paralysis.
Burdah Qoshidah are scattered across the earth from east to west. Even disyarahkan by about 20 scholars, including the famous Imam and Imam Baijuri Syaburkhiti. Mohammad Habib Husein bin Alhabsyi (Habib Ali brothers birthday Alhabsyi sohibul Simtud Duror) ordinary lead Dalail Khoiroot in Mecca. Then he dreams that met the Messenger of Allah ordered him to read Burdah in the majlis. In the dream, the Prophet once said that reading Burdah afdol than reading Dalail Khoiroot 70 times.
When the famine hit Hadramaut to many wild animals roaming the streets, Abdulrahman Al Habib famous ordered every house to read Burdah. Alhamdulillah, their homes safe from wild animals. Some Syu'araa (poet) in the time it was criticized that it is not worthy of praise to Allah in the verse ends with kasroh Burdah / khofadz. Though the great Prophet and high (rofa '). Then Imam Busyiri qoshidah up a temple named Humaziyyah-stanza ends with dhommah (marfu ').
Imam Busyiri also arrange Qoshidah Mudhooriyah. At qoshidah the temple there, which means,
"I am the Messenger bersholawat total number of animals and plants created by God." Then in his dream, he saw the Messenger of Allah said that the real angels could not write a readable sholawat reward them.
Habib Salim also told me about someone who had promised him to compose poems in praise of Allah and only Allah. Once when she had no money and was forced to make poems in praise of the kings in order to get money. He also had a dream and the Prophet said, "Do not you have been promised just praising God and His Messenger?! I'll cut off your hands. "
Then came Hadrat Abu Bakr ra asked for her intercession and granted by the Prophet. When he awoke from his sleep, he was immediately converted. Then he saw a sign in his hand and the cut out light from it.
Habib Salim said that it is very effective Burdah intent-intent to grant us with the permission of Allah. But there are conditions that must be met. Which has a sanad to Imam Busyiri, repeating the verse "wa Solli sallim ya Maula", ablution, facing the Qiblah, to understand the meaning of the verses, read with great Himma, civilized, and wearing fragrances
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